Monday, July 6, 2009

Tribute to the Braves

Just to pay my tribute and appreciations to the brave men and women of the Brunei Fire Services and the Royal Brunei Air Force for their relentless and tireless efforts to control and put out the forest fires during the dry season in this country last month. They worked all round the clock almost everyday………..

These pictures were taken sometimes last month in their efforts to control the forest fire that broke out around our neighborhood in Rimba.

The men and women of the Fire Services and their vehicles:

The support from the air:
Helicopter bringing water from the nearby beach:

In the thick of the actions:

Releasing the water over the fire:

On to other fires somewhere …..

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Le' Stadium Restaurant Quiz Winner

Yesterday afternoon saw the prize presentation to the winner of the Le' Stadium Restaurant (count the red balls) quiz. The ceremony took place at the Restaurant's premises in Rimba (across the road to De Rimba supermarket). Guess who the winner is........

My daughter (in blue below) receiving the $1,000 prize........ not a bad return for being sort of regular customers since the opening of the Restaurant........

The Restaurant has a good ambience, offering excellent menu selections........ among our favourites being the Frosted Orange, Mushroom Cappuccino soup and Dory fish.......

Click here to visit the Le' Stadium Website


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