Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Hunter & the Prey

These are some photos of the actions captured from the big drain behind our house. All along I thought that frogs only catch their preys with their long tongues but these frogs show some intelligence, climbing up dead branches or floating on leaves waiting for their unfortunate preys to pass by......... Unfortunately I could not get a single picture of the frog leaping and catching the dragonfly as the action was too fast for me..........

Waiting patiently for the preys to come along:

...and here are the preys....

With just one leap......... gottcha!! .... but the action was too fast for me to capture on camera....

and back up the the branch to savour the catch .......

Thursday, August 27, 2009


These photos were taken with only a bed side (led) lamp for lighting, with simple conversion to b&w.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Tribute to the Braves

Just to pay my tribute and appreciations to the brave men and women of the Brunei Fire Services and the Royal Brunei Air Force for their relentless and tireless efforts to control and put out the forest fires during the dry season in this country last month. They worked all round the clock almost everyday………..

These pictures were taken sometimes last month in their efforts to control the forest fire that broke out around our neighborhood in Rimba.

The men and women of the Fire Services and their vehicles:

The support from the air:
Helicopter bringing water from the nearby beach:

In the thick of the actions:

Releasing the water over the fire:

On to other fires somewhere …..


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