Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pantai Serasa Outing

I went to Pantai Serasa for a short photo outing with two of my old school buddies last Sunday, 3rd October. We were a bit late and could not really capture the beautiful colour of sun rise at the area. It was more a get together than a photo outing though but we enjoyed the trip. We intend to do more outings with more of our other old mates in the near future.

 I still could not process the photos I took in RAW format as I am still having some problems with my software........... Here's one of the photos that I took in .jpg format. Although these dilapidated huts can be good photo subjects, I think they also spoilt the overall beauty of the area....... I hope the relevant authorities will remove these structures and not allow people to build any more of these huts around the area in the future. 


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